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Need Food Photography in the Multnomah County, Or. area?

Are you a chef with a beautiful culinary invention? Do you have an exquisite menu that needs showcasing? Food is a tricky thing to photograph.  When you hire a professional food and drink photography service you know each photo of your food will look incredible. With more than 30 years in the business, KWP Studio provides restaurant photography to clients in Multnomah County, Or., and the surrounding areas. 

Launching a new menu or a new restaurant? Food photography is a great way to get people to try your food. While food photography may seem easy, it can be difficult to capture what the food looks like. With our professional food photography service, we take photos that are as mouth-watering as your food. 

KWP Studio is passionate about photography. We know the best ways to make photographs really pop. With an ever-increasing number of people taking photos of their food online, your food must be ‘photo-worthy’.  Our drink and food photography service will provide you with beautiful images. These images can then be used on menus, websites, and social media outlets.   

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KWP Studio Offers Professional Restaurant Photography

It is our belief that the best way to provide our clients with an awesome food photography service is to combine our expertise and knowledge. In addition to these skills, each customer should be provided with personalized service. When you hire our restaurant photography service, we will visit you and discuss the project in full. Whether you want a single photograph or to photograph your entire menu, we strive to understand what you want from the project. We pride ourselves on working independently. We know that as a chef or restaurant owner, time is precious. 

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Drink Photography: Why You Should Use a Professional Every Time

There are many reasons why you should hire a professional food and drink photography company. Firstly, we understand the importance of composition. From surrounding a burger with tins, jars, and fabrics, we create a vibrant composition. With texture and color, we guide your client’s eye to the food. Therefore, making sure that it is always the star of the show. We also understand the importance of angles. While many other companies see food as a simple click and shoot exercise, we know that there are many sides to every food. Therefore, we carefully choose the angle before taking the shot. 

Most importantly, we know how to edit photographs. With our Adobe Photoshop and PSCC skills, we can make your food photos pop!   

What Clients Say?

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    Kimberly M.

    Kerry photographed my home for AirBnB and did a lovely job. He worked quickly and obviously knows how to get... read more

    Holly F. Avatar
    Holly F.

    Kerry shot my home for Air bnb plus. He was a gem and the photos turned out amazing!! I am... read more

    Karma B. Avatar
    Karma B.
  • Kerry is an amazing and passionate photographer. His preparation and dedication to the various of projects are great. The results... read more

    Reym S. Avatar
    Reym S.

    We were very pleased with our experience with KWP Studio. Kerry was very professional and the photos that we received... read more

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    Carol E.
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