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At KWP Studio, we understand the importance of excellent product photography. With more than 30 years of experience, we take perfect product photos and shots that represent your product and your brand effectively. So when you are looking for eCommerce, industrial, or hardware photography in Skagit County, WA, why not call us?

There are many reasons why you should hire a product photography service. When we look at products in-store, store managers and fitters have worked tirelessly to move our eye to that particular product. This planning and design allow stores to increase their client’s interest in certain products. But, if you are selling your products online, it can be more difficult. A customer can look at a product from anywhere in the world. So, it is more important than ever to make sure that your product photo is perfect.

From furniture to kitchen islands, product photography captures your product just the way you want to. It picks up on texture, color, and shape and placed against a neutral background. A product shot can bring attention straight to your product. This is a perfect example of eCommerce photography and is an excellent photo to use online. Product shots are a great way to increase both the perceived value of your product and increase the trustworthiness of your brand. Therefore, to achieve high-quality product photos, you need a company you can trust.

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Looking for Product Photography in the Skagit County, WA Area?

Good Hardware Photography is Often the Difference Between a Sale and a Fail

While photography experience and knowledge are important, we also strive to provide our hardware photography clients with a personalized service every time. When you choose our mechanical and metal product photography service, we will visit you to discuss the project in full. Whether you want to use to photograph a piece of machinery or a small metal product, our photography service will capture your product fully.

With more than 30 years of experience, Kerry Wetzel is one of the leading hardware photographers in the area. Over the years, he has photographed everything from real estate to food. Therefore, he understands the best way to provide you and your company the best hardware photography in the area. In addition to his industrial photography experience, he is also adept in Adobe Photoshop and the PSCC Suite. Therefore providing his clients with an excellent mechanical photography service.

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Get Quality Industrial Photography that Shows the Beauty of Your Work

Whether you own a hardware store or make hardware, you need a photographer who knows exactly how to photograph metal and mechanical products. As light plays with these products differently, you need an industrial photography company that understands light and composition. With a blend of techniques from fine art to landscape photography, we know the best ways to diffuse light and make it work with your product, instead of against it. Therefore, our industrial photography gives you and your customers a clear representation of your product.

We also understand that as a business owner, your time is precious. So, once we know what you want from our service, we strive to work as independently as possible. So you can get back to more important tasks. To make sure that we provide you with an incredible service, we use only the best equipment and software, including Adobe Creative cloud. Therefore, providing you with one of the leading metal product photography services in the area. So why not call us now? Our services are available in various areas, including Deschutes, Columbia, and Clatsop County, OR.

Call and Ask About Our Ecommerce Photography Services

When you contact us, we will discuss the project with you. Whether you have single items to photograph or a range of dining tables and chairs, we can handle any size job. With our years of experience and expertise, we know how to shoot anything. We also know how to prevent and deal with problems as they arise. Therefore, granting our clients peace of mind. In addition, our independent work ethic allows our clients to turn their attention to other most important tasks. So when you are looking for a product photography service that will increase sales and online presence, why not contact us? Our services are available in Skagit County, WA and the surrounding areas. Call us to see the difference a professional photo editing service makes.

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    Kimberly M.

    Kerry photographed my home for AirBnB and did a lovely job. He worked quickly and obviously knows how to get... read more

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    Holly F.

    Kerry shot my home for Air bnb plus. He was a gem and the photos turned out amazing!! I am... read more

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    Karma B.
  • Kerry is an amazing and passionate photographer. His preparation and dedication to the various of projects are great. The results... read more

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    Reym S.

    We were very pleased with our experience with KWP Studio. Kerry was very professional and the photos that we received... read more

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