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Looking for Real Estate Photography Service in the Lincoln, OR Area?

As a realtor, you know that when you are selling a property, you need to make it look good. While you can spend hours cleaning the property and rearranging the furniture, it can still be challenging to capture the space as it seems to the naked eye. We provide incredible real estate photography services to clients in Lincoln, OR. Our real estate agent photos will do more to draw a crowd to your next showing. So when you need realtor photos in Yakima, Polk, or Clackamas County, OR, why not call KWP Studio?

With our real estate photography service, we how important it is to get it a great shot. From adding candles to create the right light to knowing how to use natural light to our advantage, we provide real estate agents with photos of their properties that make them sell.

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Find Out How Professional Real Estate Photos Can Help You

There are many reasons to choose a real estate photography company to photograph your next property. While the location may be important when buying a house, style and design are some of the most important things on a buyers list. From functionality to design, buyers want to know what to expect before looking at a property. While many other real estate agents take their own photos, they can look unprofessional and ultimately affect the sale of the property. Therefore, you need a company that specializes in real estate photos.

Founded by Kerry Wetzel in 1990, KWP Studio has become a known name in real estate photography in Lincoln, OR, and the surrounding areas. With more than 30 years of experience under his belt, Kerry knows the best way to make your property look beautiful. With the best equipment and incredible editing skills, he takes real estate photos that will entice potential buyers. So when you are looking for a professional photographer in Tillamook, Multnomah, Yamhill, or Marion County, OR, why not call KWP Studio? Call now to see the difference professional photo editing services make.

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Real Estate Agent Photos Make a Difference for Your Sale

When you hire our real estate photography service, you can depend on us to bring our passion for photography into our realtor photos. Since 1990, Kerry has photographed nearly everything. From real estate to food, he knows the best way to take a picture, using it to help you sell your product. Photos are a great way to show your customers what you have through a visual medium. To ensure that we take the perfect picture, we imagine ourselves as a potential buyer. We look for parts of the property that we find exciting and shoot them with the best angles and light. All while making sure that we capture the essence of the space. So, when you hire us, we don’t just take realtor photos. Our real estate photography will help to sell the property.

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Once you contact our office, we will discuss the entire project with you. Whether you are selling one apartment in Snohomish County, WA, or housing development in Deschutes, OR, we have the skill and the artistic eye to take photos that help you sell. We understand that hiring someone to take pictures can be daunting. However, we pride ourselves on making our clients feel at ease. We discuss each real estate photography project in full with our clients. From lighting to staging, we go through every aspect of the project, making sure that the final photos are perfect. We also understand that as a realtor, your time is precious. That’s why, once we know what you want from our service, we get to work quickly, snapping photos that match your vision for the project.

Furthermore, with our experience, we know how and when problems can arise. Therefore, we strive to fix the problem before they even happen. Thus, ensuring that each project runs smoothly and you can get your property on the market as quickly as possible. So when you are looking for a real estate photography service in Lincoln County, OR, why not call us?

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    We were very pleased with our experience with KWP Studio. Kerry was very professional and the photos that we received... read more

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