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We all know that photographs have incredible marketing power. But when you hire a photographer who doesn’t know what they’re doing, the results can be less than appealing. With more than 30 years of photography experience, Kerry Wetzel is a professional photographer who strives to understand your brand’s message and take photos to help your business thrive. So, when you are looking for a professional photo shoot from a branding photographer near Washington County, OR, give us a call.

Kerry founded KWP Studio in 1990. For more than 30 years, he has helped commercial clients in and around Washington County, OR realize their brand’s vision. From fashion shoots to architecture photography, he is a professional photographer who can take on any job. With extensive experience, we pride ourselves on taking the time to understand our clients and take pictures that both represent our client’s company and help sell their products. So, when you’re looking for a professional branding photographer in the Washington County, OR area,  consider KWP Studio.

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KWP Studio Makes a Professional Photo Shoot Accessible for Small Business

When you are looking for a professional branding photographer, you need to know that they will listen to your ideas and understand your brand. Quality visual marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell your product or service. Before every photo shoot, Kerry sits down with our clients to understand more about them and their company. Whether he is taking photos of a product or a real estate property, each company has its own specific vision. We strive to understand this vision and map it on each photo. From staging to lighting, we know how to represent your brand and make your photos work for your business. This is particularly important for new and small companies. If you are a small business owner, hiring a professional photographer can seem like a daunting task, but, with our friendly and personable attitude, we can make you feel at ease. After we get to know our clients a little better, we guide them through the process, making sure that they understand what is happening at all times. With our experience, we know everything that can go wrong during a shoot. So, we foresee any potential problems and fix them before they even occur. We pride ourselves in helping clients realize their vision through artistic guidance and excellent customer service. So when you are looking for a professional photographer in the Washington County, OR area, why not give us a call?

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Hire A Photographer That Creates One of a Kind Results

With a new product on the way or a new rental property going on the market, you need to hire a professional photographer that will capture your merchandise or property. With lengthy experience and artistic insight, we create one of a kind results. To create unique photos, you need to hire a professional photographer who knows the basics. With an in-depth understanding of lighting, styling, and composition, we can create the perfect environment for an incredible professional photo shoot.

Call Your Personal Branding Photographer and Let’s Make Magic

Over the years, we have photographed a wide range of products, rental spaces, and people. Our work allows us to help clients and small businesses reach their potential. Our professional service has gained many satisfied clients and positive reviews. When you hire KWP Studio, you know that we have what it takes to take beautiful pictures! KWP Studio is a winner of both a Rosey Award and The Los Angeles Art Director Award. So when looking for a professional photographer in or near Washington County, OR, choose KWP Studio.
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Real Estate Photography

As a realtor, you know that when you are selling a property, you need to make it look good.

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Rental Property/Airbnb Photography

Do you have an Airbnb property? Are you looking for an Airbnb photographer who can capture the beauty of your property?

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Fashion Photography

Whether you are a well-known fashion brand or a small fashion retailer, you know that fashion is all about incredible visuals.

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Food Photography

Are you a chef with a beautiful culinary invention? Do you have an exquisite menu that needs showcasing? Food is a tricky thing to photograph.


  • Sandra/American Historical Art LLC Avatar
    Sandra/American Historical Art LLC

    Kerry responded to my Bark inquiry for a professional commercial product shoot within an hour. I appreciated his prompt response... read more

    Pam Shorr Avatar
    Pam Shorr
    10/18/2021 - Google

    Kerry was so friendly and professional. We loved his attention to detail and his artist’s eye! These are special photographs... read more

    Kristopher England Avatar
    Kristopher England
    10/08/2021 - Google

    Amazing the quality through the roof wow!!!!
    Seriously the pictures captured my foods in a way I could never imagine. I...
    read more

  • futural Avatar
    10/06/2021 - Google

    The photographer was very friendly and obviously cared about his work. He went to the nearest grocery store and got... read more

    Kyle Churchill Avatar
    Kyle Churchill
    10/05/2021 - Google

    Excellent product. High quality photographs and presentation. Extremely professional, and very knowledgeable. Really streamlined this process and helped us put... read more

    leon chen Avatar
    leon chen
    8/25/2021 - Google

    Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

  • Irina Arce Avatar
    Irina Arce
    7/20/2021 - Google

    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    Shawn Rouse Avatar
    Shawn Rouse
    7/15/2021 - Google

    Kerry and his team were very thorough and did a fantastic job. Our pictures are attracting a lot of... read more

    teddy zelo Avatar
    teddy zelo
    7/14/2021 - Google

    Positive: Professionalism

  • Ryan Scott Avatar
    Ryan Scott
    6/20/2021 - Google

    By far the best photographer in Portland. Came early, made sure every shoot was perfect. Very professional in every aspect;... read more

    Keith Aisner Avatar
    Keith Aisner
    6/15/2021 - Google

    Kerry is very professional and easy to work with. I'm very happy with the results.

    Chi C Avatar
    Chi C
    6/12/2021 - Google

    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

  • Pic Songsaeng Avatar
    Pic Songsaeng
    4/09/2021 - Google

    He did incredible work and everything I asked of him and more. Wonderful job ❤️❤️❤️

    David M. Avatar
    David M.
    4/07/2021 - Google

    Kerry was very professional and fun to work with!

    Stacy Skinner Avatar
    Stacy Skinner
    12/05/2020 - Google

    Very personalble, easy going and fun to work with! Thank you!

  • Tony Wolf Avatar
    Tony Wolf
    12/04/2020 - Google

    Kerry works magic as a photo stylist and photographer. He knows how to use light to make everything look better.

    Brian Kaufman Avatar
    Brian Kaufman
    11/26/2020 - Google

    Very professional and very detailed. I thought this would be a quick photo shoot, but this team takes their time... read more

    alex Su Avatar
    alex Su
    11/26/2020 - Google

    Kerry did an amazing job on the photo, and we would love to work with him again!

  • Katie Bertalot Avatar
    Katie Bertalot
    11/26/2020 - Google

    Kerry was very easy going and professional.

    Sean Herron Avatar
    Sean Herron
    11/19/2020 - Google

    I had Kerry do some food shots for us at Karver Sandwich Bar and were thrilled with the results. He... read more

    John Lee Avatar
    John Lee
    7/25/2020 - Facebook

    Highly recommend. Kerry just did a photo shoot for us at a custom built home and captured the light, detail... read more

  • Wayne Aldridge Avatar
    Wayne Aldridge
    5/30/2020 - Facebook

    Creativity, skill, humor and enthusiasm.

    Pat Doblie Avatar
    Pat Doblie
    8/06/2019 - Google

    Meticulous, marvelous photography!

    Kimberly McEuen Avatar
    Kimberly McEuen
    8/06/2019 - Google

    Really loved my time spent with Kerry! He's super interesting and fun to talk to. I recently got to see... read more

  • Holly Freres Avatar
    Holly Freres
    7/06/2019 - Google

    Kerry photographed my home for AirBnB and did a lovely job. He worked quickly and obviously knows how to get... read more

    Karma Brooks Avatar
    Karma Brooks
    6/06/2019 - Google

    Kerry shot my home for Air bnb plus. He was a gem and the photos turned out amazing!! I am... read more

    Jamison Sessions Avatar
    Jamison Sessions
    6/06/2019 - Google

    Kerry was awesome! Photos turned out great and he had plenty of good advice and helpful attention to detail.

  • Jane Boyd Avatar
    Jane Boyd
    5/06/2019 - Google

    Kerry is so fun to work with, he is easy going and takes fantastic pictures! I would hire him if... read more

    Carol Edwards Avatar
    Carol Edwards
    5/06/2019 - Google

    We were very pleased with our experience with KWP Studio. Kerry was very professional and the photos that we received... read more

    Mary Berg Avatar
    Mary Berg
    4/06/2019 - Google

    KWP studio is a great place to have your pictures done. They are very easy to work with and consummate professionals

  • Reym Saint-Vil Avatar
    Reym Saint-Vil
    4/06/2019 - Google

    Kerry is an amazing and passionate photographer. His preparation and dedication to the various of projects are great. The results... read more

    Linda Avatar
    4/06/2019 - Google

    Was easy going and did a great job with pictures.

    Cindy Avatar
    4/06/2019 - Google

    Kerry’s an artist with his camera. His pictures are amazing so if you are lucky enough to book him... read more

  • John Lee Avatar
    John Lee
    4/06/2019 - Google

    I highly recommend Kerry for real estate & architectural photography. My company has used him successfully for... read more

    Susan M. Avatar
    Susan M.
    5 star rating
    4/02/2019 - Yelp

    Kerry photographed my Airbnb rental and the brightness of his photos brought it to life in ways that previous pictures... read more

    Mary Berg Avatar
    Mary Berg
    4/06/2018 - Google

    KWP Studio is a professional studio. I appreciate the quality and my pictures always turn out amazing!

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